Is your birthday on the 6 June?

02 June 2012

If you were born on 6 June then you share you birthday with Antarctic explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott and can enjoy free entry to the Natural History Museum's exhibition Scott's Last Expedition.

Emperor penguin egg collected at Cape Crozier

1 of 3 emperor penguin eggs collected on the Winter Journey in 1911. One egg is on display in Scott's Last Expedition.

Come along to the Museum on Wednesday 6 June, with proof of your date of birth, and collect your free exhibition ticket as a birthday present from the Museum.

Scott's Last Expedition is a fascinating glimpse of what life was like 100 years ago for explorers on the fateful Antarctic Terra Nova expedition. 

As well as atmospheric film footage of Scott at that time, amazing tales of human endurance are told, such as the Winter Journey trip to collect emperor penguin eggs where the team's sleeping bags were constantly frozen!

The exhibition also reveals the amazing scientific achievements the team carried out. From collecting more than 40,000 scientific specimens, to producing the longest unbroken record of meteorological data for Antarctica.

So, get an extra birthday present this Wednesday. Just bring along some valid ID (a passport or a driver’s licence) and show this at the ticket desk to receive your free birthday ticket (ticket only valid on Wednesday 6 June).

Happy birthday to you and Scott!

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