New NHM Evolution iPad app launched

03 July 2012

More than 650 million years of Earth history are brought to life in NHM Evolution, a new iPad app, launched today.

Explore T.rex in 3D in the NHM Evolution app

You can explore T.rex in 360 degree HD imagery in the NHM Evolution app.

NHM Evolution is produced by Authored Apps in partnership with the Natural History Museum.

Starting from the first signs of ancient life in Strelley Pool, Western Australia, iPad users can swipe, pinch and tap the breath-taking illustrated timeband to discover over 800 creatures and plants from our evolutionary past.

Combining state-of-the-art technology, audio-visual features and painstaking research on the fossil record, NHM Evolution allows users to explore 100 major fossil sites.

Go behind the scenes with Museum scientists as they explain key events using specimens from the collections. Learn about the origins of life, snowball glaciations, the Cambrian explosion, and the evolution of dinosaurs and humans. Examine iconic fossils with the use of spectacular 360 degree high-definition imagery.

Discover life in the Cretaceous in the NHM Evolution app

More than 650 million years of Earth's history, such as the Cretaceous in this scene, are brought to life in the NHM Evolution app.

‘We are delighted to have been able to contribute to such a fantastic resource,' said Colin Ziegler, the Natural History Museum's Head of Publishing. ‘The touch-screen functionality of the iPad is a really fun, interactive way in which people can learn more about Earth’s past and examine the fossil evidence for themselves.’

The app is written by internationally-acclaimed science writer Douglas Palmer, with support and contributions from Museum scientists.

NHM Evolution is available for download from Apple iTunes and the Apple App store, priced at £9.99.

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