Next steps for biodiversity?

29 October 2010

The 2-week global biodiversity conference in Nagoya, Japan, ends today. Officials from around the world have been trying to set up new targets to protect nature. So what happens next?

Experts will be discussing the next steps for biodiversity tonight at a special evening event at the Natural History Museum.

Environmentalist Tony Juniper and Prof Tom Burke join Museum marine life expert Prof Geof Boxshall in the Biodiversity: The Next Step talk, during the Museum’s After Hours event. They will explore how the goals set in Nagoya will influence global biodiversity.

What is biodiversity?

We are, of course, part of biodiversity as it includes the variety of all living things, from human beings to micro-organisms. Biodiversity also includes the diversity of all the habitats that plants and animals depend on, and the genetic diversity of individuals within a species.

We depend on biodiversity for crucial services like water supplies, fish nurseries and coastal protection. Rates of biodiversity loss are so high that some scientists say this is on a level with the mass extinction of the dinosaurs.

Book ticket for event tonight

Will the new targets set at Nagoya this week be enough to make a difference? Book tickets for Biodiversity: The Next Step to join in the discussion at 7pm tonight. Tickets are £8 and can be booked at the information desks or by telephoning 020 7942 5725.

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