Museum of Life revealed in BBC show

08 March 2010

The dramatic, pioneering and often surprising scientific work of the Natural History Museum, UK, will be revealed to all in a new BBC television series, Museum of Life, starting on Thursday 18 March 2010.

For the first time viewers will get a real glimpse into life behind-the-scenes for hundreds of scientists in this much-loved institution. 

The 6-part series on BBC Two will show some of the important work the Museum's leading scientists do as well as tell the stories of some of the amazing specimens.

Museum of Life is hosted by Jimmy Doherty, who as a young man, volunteered at the Museum. Jimmy returns to join the Museum scientists, working with some of the millions of specimens looked after there, and travelling to projects around the world. 

Jimmy Doherty is joined by engineer Kate Bellingham, doctor of tropical medicine Chris Van Tulleken, environmental scientist Liz Bonnin and zoologist Mark Carwardine.

They travel with scientists who are tackling a diverse range of global problems such as threats to the Earth’s biodiversity, protecting delicate ecosystems, environmental pollution and human diseases.

The Museum's world-class collections include 70 million specimens. In Museum of Life, viewers will follow the fascinating stories of some of these specimens such as the iconic Diplodocus, the rare and fragile Archaeopteryx and the extinct dodo.

On the website

We will be updating our website regularly during the series with more information on the scientific research and the specimens shown in each episode.

There will also be an opportunity to use our forums to discuss some of the topics raised in the documentary, and ask questions of some of the scientists who featured in it.

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