Big Bugs revealed in exhibition and book

26 July 2010

Ever wondered what the world’s longest insect is? Or what the heaviest bug is? Well find out in the new summer exhibition at the Natural History Museum at Tring, opening today.

Based on the great new book, Big Bugs Life-size by Museum scientist George Beccaloni, the Big Bugs free exhibition includes all except one of the record-breaking specimens featured in the book.

Close-up of head of stick-insect Chan's Megastick

Close-up of head of stick-insect Chan's Megastick

One star of the book and exhibition is Chan’s Megastick stick insect, which is the world’s longest insect

As well as fascinating facts, the book has life-size images of big bugs throughout, and Chan’s Megastick just about fits in – although at 56.7cm long, it needs a triple-page spread!

Big Bugs exhibition

However, Chan’s Megastick has plenty of space in the beautiful galleries of the Museum at Tring, along with many other rare scientific specimens on display for the Big Bugs exhibition.

‘The sheer size of some of the insects on display is amazing,’ says Alice Dowswell of the Natural History Museum at Tring.

Big Bugs Life-size book

Big Bugs Life-size book by Museum scientist George Beccaloni

‘We have some truly weird and wonderful bugs – the giant tarantula-hawk wasp is my personal favourite. I’m sure visitors of all ages to the Museum will be astonished by some of the fascinating tales behind the beasties.’

Live creatures too

The Big Bugs exhibition has live creatures too, including emperor scorpions. And there are also gallery trails, games and lots of other fun family activities to do throughout the summer holidays.

Big Bugs book author

Big Bugs Life-size's author is Dr George Beccaloni, who is Curator of Orthopteroid insects (cockroaches, grasshoppers, and their relatives) at the Natural History Museum. He has worked there as an entomologist since 1996 and is a Fellow of the Linnean Society and the Royal Entomological Society.

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Big Bugs Life-size, new book

New book, Big Bugs Life-size

Enter a world of winged wonders, enormous earwigs and super-sized scorpions with Big Bugs Life-size.

It is the first book to feature life-size photographs of all the world’s largest and most spectacular bugs.

Buy Bigs Bugs Life-size online