Do one thing for biodiversity

12 January 2010

As the UN launches the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB) this week with a warning about the accelerating rates of biodiversity loss already happening on our planet, the IYB-UK is asking people to make a pledge and do one thing for biodiversity.

Do one thing

Whether it’s stopping mowing a section of your lawn to encourage wildflowers and insects or going on an ancient tree hunt, IYB-UK urges you to make your own personal fun pledge, and then let people know about it through social networking sites like Twitter.

What is biodiversity

Biodiversity is the diversity of plants and animals on Earth and the habitats they depend on. Most biodiversity losses are irreversible and are caused by human activities. They will affect the balance of natural ecosystems and the services they provide and that we depend on, such coastal protection, fish nurseries, water supplies and more.


As well as warning about the rates of biodiversity loss, which some scientists say are on a level with the mass extinctions of the dinosaurs, IYB is about celebrating and getting a better understanding of biodiversity, and all that threatens it. The global campaign is being run by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

Pledge suggestions

There are things everyone can do individually to make a start and the IYB-UK has more fun pledge suggestions on its website . There is also a video of pledges made by TV presenters and others at the IYB-UK launch at the Natural History Museum last November.

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