Museum nominated for Art Fund Prize

19 February 2010

The Natural History Museum’s Darwin Centre has been nominated for the Art Fund Prize.

The Darwin Centre building, including its spectacular 8-storey concrete cocoon, was opened on September 2009 at an event with HRH Prince William of Wales and Sir David Attenborough. 

HRH Prince William of Wales and Sir David Attenborough unveil the new

HRH Prince William of Wales and Sir David Attenborough unveil the new Darwin Centre

Visitors can explore world-class science in the Darwin Centre through amazing specimens, exciting displays and interactions with real scientists at work. 

There are also 20 million insect and plant specimens that are looked after by curators in its state-of-the-art collections facility.

The Art Fund

The Art Fund is the UK’s leading independent art charity that helps UK museums and galleries enrich their collections; campaigns on behalf of museums and their visitors; and promotes the enjoyment of art.

Vote for the Museum

People can vote for the Museum and the 10 other museums and galleries in the People's Choice vote. The winner of the £100,000 Art Fund Prize will be revealed in June.

Prince William examines a mosquito in the molecular lab

Prince William examines a mosquito in the new molecular labs with Dr Yvonne Linton

‘We are thrilled that the Darwin Centre has been long-listed for the Art Fund Prize,’ says Sharon Ament, Museum’s Director of Public Engagement.

‘Creating the Darwin Centre was an enormous undertaking for the Museum as it is not only an awe inspiring new public space, but it is also a state-of-the-art scientific research centre and collections facility.

‘We are proud that it has already proved a hit with our visitors, up by 45% since the launch in September 2009. We hope that the Darwin Centre will benefit from the attention brought by making the long-list of this prestigious prize, encouraging more people to share the excitement of exploring, studying and preserving the world around us.'

The Arts Fund

The Arts Fund is funded from public donations and has 80,000 members. Since 1903 the charity has helped museums and galleries all over the UK secure 860,000 works of art for their collections.

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