Bee exhibition at Tring

23 March 2009

A new exhibition will create a bit of a buzz at the Natural History Museum at Tring from today.

It’s time to discover why there’s so much more to one of Britain’s best loved insects in this fun-filled family exhibition. 

See species from around the world, learn about British bees in danger and find out how you can help our fuzzy friends



Discover where bumblebees live, why the cuckoo bumblebee has no worker bees and why without bees we wouldn’t have some of our favourite fruits and vegetables. See a specimen of one of the largest bees in the world and find out which bee is invading Tring.

‘Bees are fascinating insects but sadly many British bees are in danger,' says Alice Dowswell, Interpretation and Learning Manager of the Natural History Museum at Tring. 

'We hope this exhibition will help our visitors realise that only the smallest actions by humans can help to save bumblebees, and perhaps we can even inspire people to plant bee-friendly flowers in their gardens.’

There will be activities for families and adults throughout the exhibition’s run.

Bumblebees opens from 23 March to 12 July 2009

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