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Dinosaur Sticker Book updated

31 October 2007

Return to the bygone age of the Mesozoic era with the updated Natural History Museum Dinosaur Sticker Book.

The Natural History Museum's Dinosaur Sticker Book is updated.

This perfect introduction to the world of dinosaurs has 100 re-useable stickers, a pull-out landscape and updates on the latest dinosaur information.

Museum dinosaur experts Angela Milner and Richard Butler have checked all the facts and there are four additional dinosaurs including Carnotaurus and Gallimimus .

Not just a sticker book, children will soon be drawing, matching shapes and learning to say some really big words.

ChildrenĀ can build their own dinosaurs by matching bones and skin or discover fascinating facts about what dinosaurs ate.

They can also help a T.rex find its dinner in some great puzzles and games and even invent a new dinosaur, unknown to science.

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