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Atlas of bird migration

20 May 2007

Can you tell a wagtail from a warbler? Do you know where the birds in your garden go each winter?

The Atlas of Bird Migration, a new book from the Natural History Museum, will help you find the answers.

Atlas of Bird Migration

Atlas of Bird Migration reveals the mysteries of the remarkable journeys birds make. It is written by an international team of bird migration experts and reveals how far birds can fly, where they go, and why?

This fascinating book traces the world migration routes of hundreds of species of birds and includes stunning maps and artwork throughout. There are explanations about flight techniques, feeding, biology and navigation.

It is an up-to-date and indispensable reference and also includes information about the environmental threats and conservation initiatives worldwide.

Top tips for birdwatching

A Top tips for birdwatching online article gives practical advice and tips to get the most out of watching birds.

Whether you are a newcomer or want to refine your skills, there are tips such as how to use and choose the best binoculars, how to practice good fieldcraft and how to use a bird hide.

It was put together with the help of Jonathan Elphick, editor of the Atlas of Bird Migration book. Find out the Top tips for birdwatching