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Greening cities student summit

09 July 2007

On 10-12 July students from all over the world will attend the Natural History Museum to discuss how we can make our cities greener and our future more sustainable.

Some of the UK's leading climate change scientists and decision makers will be at the three-day event along with AS and A-level students from around the world.

Hosted by the Museum and the British Council, the conference will also explore attitudes towards biodiversity. In a changing world, cities are home to 50 per cent of the world's population. They are increasingly important habitats for wildlife and provide green spaces, necessary for peoples' well being, in the parks and commons.

Mayor of London

Ken Livingstone , Mayor of London, is speaking at the event. 'The fight to tackle climate change will be won or lost in cities, which are responsible for three quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions,' says Livingstone.

'The shock-troops in this battle have to be young people - they have the greatest stake in protecting the future of our planet and are already among those most concerned about global warming.'

'The Natural History Museum is one of the best places in London, if not the world, to learn about the delicate balance of the Earth's eco-system and the incredible diversity of life it supports.'

'I am delighted that the Natural History Museum and the British Council has organised this conference and I look forward to learning from the students who attend what more they think we should be doing to prevent catastrophic global warming.'

Question Time-style debate

There will be a Question Time-style debate at the end of each day where a panel of experts will address questions raised by the delegates and e-visitors watching online. Motions will be proposed and votes will be cast. The outcomes will be passed to both government and local government.

The International student summit 2007:Greening cities can be watched live online

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