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Antarctic camping and artful biodiversity, new exhibitions for 2007

10 January 2007

Experience camping in Antarctica and the artful biodiversity of London in two new exhibitions planned for the Natural History Museum this year.

Ice Station Antarctica

Using a combination of stunning, high quality visual imagery, interactive activities and real Antarctic objects, visitors can explore this new exhibition's series of mini-environments and find out what it's like to survive in the coldest, windiest and most remote place on Earth.

Opening on 25 May, Ice Station Antarctica is in partnership with British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and is one of the highlights of International Polar Year (2007/8).

Systema Metropolis

Artist Mark Dion explores the strange and surprising biodiversity of London in the new Systema Metropolis exhibition opening on 15 June. Dion's art uses natural materials to express how humans make order out of chaos by collecting and classifying things. The work celebrates 300 years since the birth of Carl Von Linné, better known as Linnaeus , the biologist whos system for naming and ranking all living things, is still used to interpret the natural world today.

Other exhibitions and events

The prestigious Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2006 finishes on 29 April and the 2007 exhibition starts on 27 October. The competition displays inspirational images from the natural world and is open to both amateurs and professionals of all ages and nationalities.

Dino Jaws , the blockbuster exhibition with the most frighteningly lifelike moving dinosaurs ever created, continues until 15 April. Hurry if you want to find out about the sometimes gruesome, and often disgusting, subject of dinosaurs and their food.

Museum experts will be taking part in the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival from 3-5 May and you can discover more about fossil myths in Fossil Folklore at the Natural History Museum at Tring , Hertfordshire from 12 February. 

Also at Tring, Rothschild , an exhibition about Walter Rothschild, the zoologist and founder of the Museum, opens on 23 July.

The Riverfly conference on 8 March launches an inititive that asks anglers to help monitor pollution on our waterways.

As well as other conferences for young scientists, such as an international student summit about green cities and new books such as Great Caves of the World , the Museum has plently to keep visitors interested and busy.

Read the full details of 2007 events, books and exhibitions.

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