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New poo in Dino Jaws

19 February 2007

A new installation of fossilised dinosaur poo has arrived in the Dino Jaws exhibition at the Natural History Museum, London.

The fossilised poo, also known as coprolite , is displayed as a hands-on exhibit so you can examine it yourself.

Dino Jaws features some of the most frighteningly lifelike moving dinosaurs ever created, such as the animatronic Euoplocephalus behind Shaan in the image above.

This family blockbuster exhibition explores the sometimes gruesome, and often disgusting, subject of dinosaurs and their food. Different dinosaurs ate different foods and often had unique ways of gathering, or catching, their dinner.

You can become a Dino Jaws Scientist and study dinosaur jaws, claws, guts and poo. Also discover what dinosaurs ate, using the same techniques real scientists use.

This unmissable exhibition is designed for families with children aged four and over and closes on 15 April.

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