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Natural History Museum at Tring receives grant

30 August 2007

The Natural History Museum at Tring is to receive an £87,000 grant for the refurbishment of one of its galleries.

Gallery 6 displays amphibians, reptiles, flightless birds, marsupials and domestic dogs and is part of an amazing range of animals at the beautiful Victorian Museum in Hertfordshire.

Some of the dogs in Gallery 6

Some of the dogs in Gallery 6

The remarkable collection was once the private passion of its founder, Lionel Walter Rothschild, and displays outstanding examples of nineteenth-century taxidermy. The fascinating character of the gallery will be unchanged with the planned renovations.

There will be an update of labels and signs to make them more accessible to the public, and the lighting of the galleries will be enhanced. The cases and specimens will also be thoroughly cleaned.

'It's great news that we've received this grant which will make a major difference to the Museum,' said Paul Kitching, Museum Manager.

'The renovations that we will be undertaking will help to make these collections more accessible to visitors, but we will be maintaining the character and feel of Walter Rothschild's important displays.'

'These galleries are very popular with members of the public, and we will try to minimise any disruption.'

The work starts at the end of 2007 and will be done in stages to prevent any long gallery closures. The project should be completed by winter 2009.

The grant is from the Department for Culture Media and Sport and the Wolfson Foundation, and 42 other galleries in England have been awarded grants too.

Culture Minister Margaret Hodge said, 'Once again the DCMS Wolfson Fund is providing support for museums and galleries from all regions of England.'

'This year's grants go to an imaginative array of projects in national institutions, university collections and well-loved local museums and galleries. This funding will give visitors the best possible experience of some wonderful collections.'

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