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Last chance for Silent Killers

20 November 2006

SARS, MRSA, bird flu, HIV… one way or another, we're all doomed. That's if you believe recent media reports.

So what is the truth? And with more and more of these diseases right on our doorstep, what are the risks?

Guest speaker Professor Nick White, a leading authority on tropical diseases, separates the facts from the frenzy at the Natural History Museum's Annual Science Lecture tonight.

'A worldwide outbreak can bring everyday life to a standstill - travel is restricted, curfews are imposed, schools and shops close down,' says Professor White. 'It's no good playing down the threat of infection when we live in such a small world. Events on a chicken farm thousands of miles away could drastically affect you and your family.'

The discovery of antibiotics meant many believed we would slowly overcome the threat of infectious disease. Instead, new, deadly pandemics are emerging all around us, and far from being controlled they are flourishing. In a time of ever-increasing biological understanding and development, why are these diseases thriving? What can we do to stop their worldwide domination?

Professor White helps unravel the truth from the hype in Silent Killers: Modern Plague or Media Paranoia, tonight at 19.30. Join in the stimulating scientific debate in the beautiful surroundings of the Central Hall by booking a ticket now. Call +44 (0)20 7942 5555 or complete the online booking form (PDF) .

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