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Get a buzz out of insects

19 June 2006

Did you know there are on average 10,000 insects in every square metre of earth? Well watch where your step and look out for insects in the second National Insect Week 19-25 June.

Organised by theĀ  Royal Entomological Society, National Insect Week brings to life the amazing world of insects through insect surveys, a photography competition and an Insect Prize Quiz as well as more than160 other events throughout the UK.

Vital role in ecosystem
A scout holding a beetle for the launch of National Insect Week.

A scout holding a beetle for the launch of National Insect Week.

Insects play a vital role in nature. They pollinate plants and recycle animal dung for example, and they make up about 80 percent of the world's species.

'We must get across the messsage that insects play an absolutely crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance of the eco-system', said Kate Humble co-presenter of BBC's Springwatch and who launched National Insect Week today.

'What is particularly exciting about the insect world is that there is so much yet to be discovered'.

Handle real insect specimens

Celebrate National Insect Week by handling real insect specimens at a Creepy Crawlies Focus Points either in the Creepy Crawlies gallery or your nearest nature trolley. Also Museum explainers will be on hand to help you explore more real specimens in the Wildlife Garden.

Creepy Crawlies Focus Point

Book at an information desk
Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday between 10.30 and 14.15
Every Saturday and Sunday between 11.00 and 15.15
Location: Gallery 33 - Creepy Crawlies

Hands On Nature - Wildlife Garden

Every Saturday and Sunday plus Mondays-Fridays during the holidays (3 -14 April and 29 May - 2 June),
11.00 - 13.00 and 14.00 - 16.00 (times may vary).
Location: Wildlife Garden

Nature trolleys

Nature trolleys are in the Lasting Impressions, Gallery 50.