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Dig those dinosaurs!

14 July 2006

Ever fancied being a palaeontologist and digging up your own dinosaur? Well now is your chance - well if you are aged between four and eleven it is.

The Natural History Museum has opened its Dino Dig where children can dive into sand and unearth parts of a plant-eating Iguanadon or one of Britain's largest hunters, the Neovenator.

Tyla and Andrew gave it a go and searched beneath the sand for hidden skulls, claws and ribs of the huge Cretaceous creatures.

Open all this summer, with Museum interpreters there to help, visitors get the chance to piece together the bones of these two massive skeletons, just as palaeontologists would have.

The Dino Dig runs from 14 July to 3 September and tickets are £4.

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