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Nature's Deadliest exhibition opens

01 August 2006

Are you brave enough to come face to face with some of the deadliest plants, minerals and animals?

Do you know how long it takes a sea-wasp sting to kill you or why the duck-billed platypus has venom?

Nature's Deadliest is a new exhibition with all the answers to these questions and more. You can explore the deadly world of nature and find out how natural poisons, toxins and venoms are made by some of the deadliest creatures in nature.

'Powerful toxins are vital for the survival of many animals and plants in the wild,' said Alice Dowswell, exhibition curator at the Natural History Museum, 'whether they use them to catch prey or defend themselves from predators'.

'Finding out about nature's poisons is not only fascinating, it helps us understand how to protect ourselves from them and even use some to treat human illnesses.'

Nature's Deadliest opened on 24 July at the Natural History Museum at Tring , Hertfordshire.

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