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Troubled Waters for whales and dolphins - 20/12/2006

Humankind's volatile relationship with whales and dolphins is explored in a new Natural History Museum book, Troubled Waters.

Dust holds secrets from out of this world - 14/12/2006

Our solar system may have been created in a huge mixing process much bigger than previously imagined.

Looking after hobbits - 11/12/2006

Scientists have conserved and made skeleton casts of the one-metre-tall human species.

Could Attenborough be Britain's Greatest Living Icon? - 04/12/2006

The top three contenders for Britain's Greatest Living Icon are announced.

Fifth anniversary of museum free admissions - 04/12/2006

Millions of extra people have visited museums since entry became free five years ago.

Building blocks of solar system detected - 01/12/2006

Scientists have identified material from before the creation of our solar system.


Learning Outside the Classroom Manifesto launched at Museum - 28/11/2006

The government launches its manifesto for teaching outside the classroom.

True or false, did the false widow spider bite? - 21/11/2006

A man ends up in hospital after being bitten by what was thought to be a false widow spider.

Last chance for Silent Killers - 20/11/2006

Professor Nick White, a leading authority on tropical diseases, separates the facts from the frenzy in tonights Annual Science Lecture.

Human remains to be returned - 17/11/2006

The Natural History Museum's Board of Trustees has decided to return human remains.

Unlocking the genetic code of Neanderthals - 15/11/2006

Scientists have revealed part of the genetic code of Neanderthals.

Glittering Aurora Collection goes on display - 10/11/2006

A world-class collection of 296 naturally coloured diamonds is on display at the Natural History Museum.

How do you attract a bug expert? - 08/11/2006

This week the Invertebrate Link conference looks at ways to recruit new bug experts.

Celebrate Diverse City Season - 03/11/2006

Diverse City Season explores the amazing variety of cultures and ethnic diversity in UK cities.


What's the most frustrating animal to film? - 28/10/2006

Sir David Attenborough gives an inspirational interview at the Natural History Museum.

Late nights with the dinosaurs - 27/10/2006

Tonight is the first night of After Hours at the Natural History Museum.

Watching the whales - 24/10/2006

A new book, Whale Watcher, is a global guide to watching whales.

Winning wildlife images announced - 19/10/2006

The winners of the world's largest and most prestigious wildlife photographic competition, have been announced.

Guy the gorilla heads north - 16/10/2006

Guy the gorilla, the famous captive gorilla who lived in London Zoo, settles in to new home in Sheffield.

The story of Homo britannicus - 11/10/2006

A new book by Chris Stringer, Homo britannicus, tells the story of human occupation in Britain.

New brush finch bird discovered - 09/10/2006

A new subspecies of bird has been discovered in a remote mountain range in northern Columbia.

Nature Live launches with Thames whale - 05/10/2006

Nature Live, a free daily programme of talks with scientists, returns to the Natural History Museum.

Ancient human occupation of Britain part two - 02/10/2006

Second phase of the Ancient Human Occupation of Britain project has gained funding.


First taste of nature's best images - 29/09/2006

Seven images have been highly commended in this year's Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition.

Dinosaur not guilty of cannibalism - 27/09/2006

Scientists have re-examined fossils of a dinosaur and found that it wasn't a cannibal after all.

Three-million-year-old child unearthed - 20/09/2006

A three-million-year-old skeleton of a three-year-old child is discovered.

Neanderthals lived in more recent times - 13/09/2006

Evidence that Neanderthals lived in southern Europe more recently is found.

Britons settle for good on the eighth attempt - 07/09/2006

Ancient humans have tried to settle in Britain many times over the last 700,000 years.

Thames whale reaches final resting place - 04/09/2006

Whale stranded in the River Thames is added to Museum reference collection.


Capital's birds in the frame - 30/08/2006

Stunning photographs of London's birds are on display in Birds of Barnes exhibition.

SMART success of moon mission - 24/08/2006

Europe's first mission to the moon, SMART-1, is nearing the end of its successful 3-year mission.

Museum experts honoured in space - 17/08/2006

Meteorite experts are honoured for their work by having asteroids named after them.

Fossil secrets unlocked by scan - 11/08/2006

A new scanning technique reveals previously unseen structures in fossilised embryos.

New orchid hybrid blooms in UK - 04/08/2006

Two rare species of orchid have interbred and produced a hybrid, the first time this has been recorded in the UK.

Nature's Deadliest exhibition opens - 01/08/2006

Come face to face with some of the deadliest plants, minerals and animals.


Darwin survey shows fall in plant species - 31/07/2006

A wildflower survey originally conducted by Charles Darwin shows changing landscape.

Sunfish take a shine to Cornish coast - 26/07/2006

A shoal of ocean sunfish is spotted off the Cornwall coast.

City success for exotic plant - 25/07/2006

The kangaroo apple, more suited to hotter climates, makes its home in London, UK.

Wasps spell sticky end for unwelcome resident - 18/07/2006

A natural predator helps fight an invasion of whiteflies.

Dig those dinosaurs! - 14/07/2006

Unearth parts of an Iguanadon or a Neovenator in the Museum's new Dino Dig.

Is the science of climate change robust? - 11/07/2006

Young people debate the issues at the Student Summit 2006: Climate Change 11-14 July

First ever magnificent frigatebird settles in Museum - 06/07/2006

First official British record of a Magnificent Frigatebird joins the Natural History Museum.

Unusual eggs reveal fishy relatives - 03/07/2006

An unusual surface structure on the eggs of the pike-head fish reveals its closest relation.


New world of dinosaurs has arrived - 30/06/2006

Dino Jaws opens its doors into an amazing world of dinosaurs and the food they ate.

Bones will reveal life of dodo - 26/06/2006

Well-preserved bones of the extinct flightless dodo bird are uncovered in Mauritius.

World's oldest piece of jewellery - 23/06/2006

Beads at the Natural History Museum have been dated to 100,000 years ago.

British beetles missing, presumed extinct - 21/06/2006

A report reveals hundreds of British beetles under threat of extinction.

Get a buzz out of insects - 19/06/2006

This week is National Insect Week. Find out about the events and activities happening around the UK.

Blue Peter's big Museum day out - 14/06/2006

Children's programme Blue Peter broadcast an episode from the Natural History Museum.

New gemstone book Agates: Treasures of the Earth published - 09/06/2006

Agates: Treasures of the Earth is the first popular guide to these beautiful gemstones.

World's biggest Darwin collection comes to Museum - 08/06/2006

World's largest collection of works by and about Charles Darwin has been bought.

Whale sparkles at centre of new exhibition - 02/06/2006

A crystal-encrusted whale skeleton is unveiled for The Ship: The Art of Climate Change.

Hobbit used tools - 01/06/2006

A new study suggests Homo floresiensis was clever enough to use tools.


Wallace natural history legend monument - 30/05/2006

A monument is unveiled to commemorate Alfred Russel Wallace, the co-discoverer of the theory of evolution by natural selection.

Be Nice to Nettles - 26/05/2006

17-28 May is national Be Nice to Nettles Week and Saturday 27 May is the Museum's Nettle Day.

Barcode of life, plants - 23/05/2006

Barcode of Life - the British Flora project is launched and aims to barcode all British plants.

Arguments about the hobbit - 19/05/2006

A new study supports the idea that Homo floresiensis was a modern human with a brain disease.

Dogs: Man-Made friends? - 17/05/2006

Dos exhibition explores the origins of domestic dogs and their relationship with us.

Natural History Museum is the UK’s favourite - 15/05/2006

Museum wins Independent award for UK's favourite museum, gallery or heritage attraction.

Antarctic goes global with new blog - 11/05/2006

Experience the Antarctic from your desktop with the Natural History Museum’s new Antarctic heritage and conservation website.

Long live the queen! - 09/05/2006

The queen of the Natural History Museum's ant colony is alive and well.

Cockroaches hit the shelves - 04/05/2006

Cockroach Studies, a new journal devoted entirely to the study of cockroaches, has been launched.

Nothing boring about Museum water source - 02/05/2006

Natural History Museum uses borehole to water lawn.


Earth moves for fossil festival success - 28/04/2006

Will a landslide in Charmouth reveal fossils at Deep Time in Lyme?

The search is on for Britain’s bluebells - 25/04/2006

Members of the public are asked to record bluebell sightings in an online survey.

The dinosaurs came in two by two - 21/04/2006

Ten lifelike animatronic dinosaurs have arrived at the Natural History Museum ready for Dino Jaws.

Vote for your favourite Attenborough moment - 15/04/2006

UKTV celebrate the eightieth birthday of one of television's most iconic presenters.

Baby amphibians eat mother's skin - 12/04/2006

Young amphibians discovered eating mother's skin.

Exposing Nature: tips on wildlife photography - 11/04/2006

New Museum book has tips for natural history photographers.

Walking fish is missing link - 06/04/2006

A 375-million-year-old crocodile-like fossil is a missing link between fish and land animals.

World’s oldest lake holds world’s newest genus - 05/04/2006

A new genus of diatom that includes 14 species is discovered in Lake Baikal, Russia.


Last chance to see nature at its best - 31/03/2006

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005 closes on 23 April showcasing 84 thrilling wildlife shots.

Museum works to reduce carbon emissions - 28/03/2006

Natural History Museum receives grant to produce carbon reduction masterplan.

Ice Age animal stamps launched - 22/03/2006

Royal Mail launch set of stamps featuring five Ice Age beasts.

Disease takes bite out of Tasmanian devil populations - 17/03/2006

A fatal facial cancer is decimating the Tasmanian devil population.

Colouring in the fossil past - 15/03/2006

Iridescent colours in nature can be detected in fossils of extinct animals.

New rodent’s link to fossil family - 10/03/2006

New species of rodent is surviving member of an extinct family of rodents.

New online entries for Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 08/03/2006

World's largest wildlife photography competition now accepts digital submissions.

Rare Linnaean insights found in Museum Library - 03/03/2006

Items found shed light on work practices of eighteenth century scientist Carl Linnaeus.


Giant squid goes on display - 28/02/2006

A giant squid, Architeuthis dux, is put on display in the Museum's Darwin Centre. Please note viewing is by arranged tour only.

Darwin's home proposed as World Heritage Site - 24/02/2006

Charles Darwin's Down House and the surrounding areas are nominated.

Strange tail of the sunfish - 20/02/2006

Century-old mystery of peculiar tail of the ocean sunfish is resolved.

Comet samples arrive at Museum - 14/02/2006

Cosmic dust samples from NASA's Stardust spacecraft are brought to the UK for research.

Martian meteorite reveals stuff of life - 13/02/2006

NASA crack open Nakhla meteorite revealing carbon material.

Lost Wallace treasures found in attic - 10/02/2006

Alfred Russel Wallace collection of insects donated to Museum.

Oldest relative of T.rex found - 09/02/2006

The oldest specimen of a tyrannosaur is unearthed in China.

What is the world's smallest fish? - 01/02/2006

Is the 7.9mm Paedocypris fish really the smallest in the world?


Ancient fish reveals one step in how ears evolved - 30/01/2006

Fish skull structures, most likely used for breathing, show early stages of ear evolution.

World's smallest fish - 25/01/2006

A fish is discovered living in acidic swamps in Sumatra only 7.9mm long.

Thames whale comes to Museum - 24/01/2006

Whale stranded in the River Thames will be added to Museum collection.

Identification of fur coat - 20/01/2006

Museum identifies the type of fur used to make Celebrity Big Brother Pete Burns coat.

Caviar trade is banned - 19/01/2006

International trade in products of the sturgeon are banned by CITES.

‘Mexican footprints’ take a step back in time - 18/01/2006

A second team of scientists date mexican 'footprints' to a much later period.

Finding the world's best wildlife photos - 12/01/2006

The call for entries to the world's largest wildlife photography competition begins.