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New animatronic T. rex returns to the Museum

18 March 2005

T.rex returns to the Natural History Museum

T. rex makes a dramatic return to the Natural History Museum with the arrival of a new animatronic model, opened on 18 March 2005.

Unlike previous models, this one uses its ‘senses’ to spot prey – including unsuspecting visitors.

‘This T. rex is our fiercest and smartest yet,’ says Dr Angela Milner, dinosaur expert at the Museum. ‘It can even sense when people are near, so be on your guard!’

‘Using the most up-to-date scientific knowledge of the way T. rex looked, behaved and used its senses, plus cutting-edge animatronic technology, we have created a terrifyingly life-like beast.’

The Museum worked with Tokyo-based animatronic company Kokoro Dreams to produce this new T. rex.

The Museum's Dinosaur gallery is its most popular permanent exhibition and the previous animatronic T. rex, which arrived in 2001, attracted 42,000 visitors in its first week.

This year also marks the centenary of the naming and describing of Tyrannosaurus rex, which means ‘king tyrant lizard’.

The fossilised lower jaw of the first T. rex ever discovered is also on display so visitors can examine the teeth, which measure a staggering fifteen centimetres.