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The Natural History Museum at Expo 2005

22 March 2005

Expo Japan 2005

The Natural History Museum has won a contract to design the UK pavilion at the World Exposition 'Expo 2005' held in Aichi, Japan, from 25 March to 25 September 2005.

The theme at Expo 2005 is Nature's Wisdom and its aim is to raise people's awareness of the global environment and explore the ways to promote a sustainable future.

Innovations in the UK pavilion

Inside the UK pavilion, called, visitors can interact with UK innovations, art and projects that have been inspired by nature.

The focus is on science and technology, and featured innovations include the Eden Project, the Millennium Seedbank Project and gecko tape.

Also featured is the Fastskin FSII fabric used in swimsuits developed by Speedo but which began with research on shark's skin at the Natural History Museum.

The UK pavilion has been designed and created by Ten Alps Events Limited, Land Studio Design and the Natural History Museum.

The first Expo

The first Expo was held in Hyde Park, London, in 1851 and was housed in the stunning ‘Crystal Palace’. Designed by Joseph Paxton, it was thought to have been inspired by the structure of a giant water lily pad.

The Natural History Museum, along with other South Kensington museums, was conceived as a direct result of this first Expo. And since the Natural History Museum's business is to inspire through nature with its collections, scientific research and communications to different audiences, the Museum took the lead in selecting the innovations to feature in the UK pavilion for Expo 2005.

This year's exhibition is expected to receive 15 million visitors.

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