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New Naturecams at the Museum

14 June 2005

Watch spring turn into summer with our new Naturecams at the Natural History Museum. Three Naturecams have been launched – a Flesh-eating beetlecam, a Pondcam and an Antcam.

Flesh-eating beetlecam

Link to Flesh-eating beetlecam

Meet the Museum’s smallest employees, the flesh-eating beetles Dermestes macultes , as they strip flesh from the bones of carcasses, such as fish remains.


Link to Pondcam

See if you can spot newts, snails and other pond life in the Pondcam in the Museum’s Wildlife Garden. Pondcam looks even better at night.


Link to Antcam

Watch as leafcutter ants get to work and learn about the different types of ants that live in a colony. The ants are fed in the morning so are extra busy at this time.

Other spring watch activities at the Museum:

Aphid watch

Can you help solve the mysterious yearly disappearance of the large willow aphid Tuberolachnus salignus? Learn more and take part in Aphid watch.


Identify British bumble bees in BumblebeeID - a simple new guide using colour and body patterns as guides.

Cockayne collection

Can you spot a peacock from a red admiral? Explore British butterflies in this famous Cockayne collection.

Exploring Biodiversity and Postcode plants database

Discover the wildlife living in your area by typing in the first section of your postcode in our Postcode plants database and learn more about biodiversity in Exploring Biodiversity.