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Rare dodo remains discovered in Mauritius - 29/12/2005

Well-preserved bones of the extinct flightless dodo bird have been found.

Queen of the Antcam dies - 21/12/2005

Colony of leafcutter ants at the Museum has lost its queen.

Christmas at Darwin Centre Live - 19/12/2005

Free events exploring the science behind Christmas.

Evidence for earliest northern Europeans - 14/12/2005

New fossil evidence dates northern Europeans to 680,000 years ago.

Giant water scorpion makes tracks - 09/12/2005

Fossilised track of a giant water scorpion that lived 330 million years ago has been found in Scotland.

Modern bird link to dinosaurs - 06/12/2005

New research links feet of Archaeopteryx to the therapod dinosaurs.

Museum wins Best Family Friendly Experience award - 02/12/2005

The Natural History Museum is awarded at the Visit London Awards 2005.


1.7-million-year-old skull goes on display - 30/11/2005

New skulls update Our Place in Evolution gallery at the Natural History Museum.

New online shop is launched at Museum - 21/11/2005

Museum's new online shop offers a wider variety of nature-themed gifts this Christmas.

London’s most spectacular winter attraction - 18/11/2005

The Natural History Museum opens its first ever outdoor ice rink.

Bird collection fraud - 17/11/2005

Many of the Meinertzhagen collection of 20,000 bird specimens are frauds.

David Attenborough Studio campaign is launched - 09/11/2005

A campaign begins to raise money to build the David Attenborough Studio.

Museum receives unique collection of diatoms - 03/11/2005

Norman Ingram Hendey donates diatom collection to the Museum.


Museum website nominated for design award - 31/10/2005

Museum website is nominated for a British Interactive Media Association award.

Time Out After Hours at the Natural History Museum - 27/10/2005

Museum opens its doors after hours for exhibitions, food, music and more.

Big cats at the Tower of London - 24/10/2005

Research reveals medieval lions living at the Tower.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005 winners announced - 20/10/2005

Winners of the prestigious wildlife photography award are announced.

North Sea marine worm discovered - 19/10/2005

A new worm species is discovered in the North Sea.

Tickets on sale for Global Catastrophes - 17/10/2005

Join Professor Bill McGuire in the Annual Science Lecture.

Disarming dangerous dinosaurs - 13/10/2005

Dinosaurs such as Velociraptor weren't as vicious as previously thought.

New remains add to hobbit mystery - 12/10/2005

New research strengthens the theory Homo floresiensis was a different species from modern humans.

Two new species of tomato discovered - 10/10/2005

Scientists have discovered two new species of wild tomato from Peru.

Celebrating a naturally diverse world - 05/10/2005

Diverse City Season, a programme of free events celebrating cultural diversity, has begun.


First taste of nature's best images - 30/09/2005

Highly commended images are unveiled from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005.

A great year for barn owls - 28/09/2005

2005 has been the best year for barn owls in 20 years of monitoring.

The Black Orlov joins Diamonds - 21/09/2005

Cursed black diamond goes on display for first time in UK.

Hunt for Britain’s hidden elms - 14/09/2005

The hunt has begun for Britain’s remaining unrecorded mature elm trees.

Rare insect, the mole cricket, discovered in Oxfordshire garden - 05/09/2005

A group of mole crickets, one of the UK’s rarest species, is discovered in Oxfordshire.


Giant centipede found in the UK - 31/08/2005

A specimen of the world's largest species of centipede is found in Islington. Watch a video clip and discover more about this highly venomous creature.

Anniversary of Museum designer Alfred Waterhouse - 26/08/2005

The Natural History Museum celebrates the anniversary of Waterhouse, the designer of the museum building.

DAISY vision for systematics - 22/08/2005

A vision for a digital automated identification system is launched.

Mass migration at the Museum - 20/08/2005

28 million insects and spiders are on the move.

Gilbert White - conference and biography - 12/08/2005

One of the fathers of ecology, Gilbert White transformed the way we look at the natural world.

Fossil record cycles are not mass extinctions - 09/08/2005

Fossil record patterns of diversity may not be due to a 'boom and bust'.

Ichthyosaur fossil given to the Museum - 03/08/2005

Ichthyosaur fossil unearthed from a quarry in Barrington is donated to the Museum.


Early human relative walked upright - 29/07/2005

Scientists have used robotics to predict how our early relative walked.

New Museum book Fossil Invertebrates launched - 21/07/2005

New book Fossil Invertebrates is a window into our ancient Earth.

UK pavilion wins bronze award at EXPO 2005 - 16/07/2005

Museum helps to win award for UK pavilion at EXPO 2005 in Japan.

Footprint discovery is oldest American? - 12/07/2005

Earliest evidence of human occupation in the Americas may be found in footprint fossils.


Koh-i-Noor recreated for Diamonds exhibition - 30/06/2005

Indian gem, the Koh-i-Noor, is recreated in its original design for exhibition.

Preserving the Blaschka glass models - 23/06/2005

Pilot conservation project begins on the Blaschka Glass Models.

Bone rings reveal slow growing giant moa - 20/06/2005

A study of growth rings in fossilised moa leg bones show they were very slow to grow up.

New Naturecams at the Museum - 14/06/2005

Watch spring come to life with the Museum’s Naturecams.

SPNHC conference 2005 - 10/06/2005

The twentieth annual conference of the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections, 12 -18 June.

Re-tracing Darwin's footsteps - 07/06/2005

Scientists replicate wildflower survey to repeat Darwin’s studies of 150 years ago.

Short-necked sauropod dinosaur discovered - 03/06/2005

The fossil of a short-necked sauropod dinosaur has been discovered in Patagonia, Argentina.


Museum launches new website - 24/05/2005

Museum website has major restructure and redesign.

A Millennium Star takes centre stage in Diamonds - 24/05/2005

A Millennium Star diamond takes centre stage in the world’s biggest diamonds exhibition.

The Complete World of Human Evolution - 19/05/2005

Chris Stringer and Peter Andrew's new book takes you on a 20-million-year journey through human evolution.

First platypus survives at Museum - 17/05/2005

Over 200 years ago the Natural History Museum received the first ever specimen of a platypus.

New rodent species discovered - 13/05/2005

A team of scientists in southeast Asia have discovered a new species of rodent - the Kha-nyou.


Museum prepares for the biggest-ever exhibition of Diamonds - 28/04/2005

The Museum prepares for the arrival of the world's largest-ever gathering of diamonds.

The Earth: An Intimate History shortlisted for the Aventis Prize - 22/04/2005

Richard Fortey book The Earth is shortlisted for Aventis Prize.

Success at the first Lyme Regis Fossil Festival - 21/04/2005

Thousands of budding fossil hunters visited Lyme Regis for two days of activities.

Dinosaur fossil with two eggs discovered - 15/04/2005

A fossilised dinosaur with two complete eggs has been unearthed in China.

Toumai skull: is it man's earliest ancestor? - 08/04/2005

New research of the ‘Toumai’ skull discovered in Chad suggests it was closer to humans than to apes.

Marsupial lion bites strongest - 06/04/2005

Study reveals extinct marsupial lion may have had the strongest bite among mammals.

Blood vessels extracted from T.rex - 01/04/2005

Scientists have extracted what looks like blood vessels and intact cells from a 68-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex.


The Natural History Museum at Expo 2005 - 22/03/2005

Museum wins contract to design the UK pavilion my-earth at Expo 2005 in Japan.

New animatronic T. rex returns to the Museum - 18/03/2005

T. rex makes a dramatic return to the Natural History Museum.

Hunt for the harlequin ladybird - 15/03/2005

A UK survey for the world's most invasive ladybird.

Whale strandings increase in the UK - 09/03/2005

New report, Out of the Blue, reveals increasing porpoise strandings on the UK shores.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005 entries - 03/03/2005

The search for entries for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005 comes to an end on 4 April 2005.

Hobbit skull scans add to debate - 03/03/2005

Skull scan evidence supports the theory of new Homo floresiensis species.


Did Egyptian mummification lead to the domestic cat? - 17/02/2005

The Museum's Ancient Egyptian animal mummies are used to investigate domestication of cats and cattle.

Dating reveals oldest modern humans - 17/02/2005

Kisbish fossils are re-dated and re-established as oldest modern human fossils known.

What did Neanderthals look like? - 11/02/2005

Experts reconstruct a Neanderthal skeleton for the first time.

First steps to barcode all life - 10/02/2005

First steps are taken to genetically barcode all life on Earth.

How dangerous is climate change? - 01/02/2005

Experts meet in Exeter to discuss the impacts of climate change.


Two groups of early humans living in Britain - 25/01/2005

Evidence found in Kent suggests two different kinds of early humans living in Britain.

Huygens' successful mission to Titan - 19/01/2005

Huygens seven year journey to Saturn's moon Titan ends.

Dinosaur-eating mammal discovered in China - 14/01/2005

A new species of mammal, large enough to feed on young dinosaurs, has been discovered in northern China.

Museum opens new Ecology Gallery, new shop and new brand - 06/01/2005

Our Ecology Gallery and new shop have been updated with a new look as the Museum updates its brand.