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The Earth: An Intimate History shortlisted for the Aventis Prize

22 April 2005

The Earth: An Intimate History by Richard Fortey

Professor Richard Fortey has been shortlisted for the Aventis Prize as his latest book The Earth: An Intimate History, is acclaimed in the press.

The Earth tells the story of the evolution of our planet, taking us on a fascinating journey through the natural and human history of our planet.

The winners for the Aventis Prizes for Science Books are announced on 12 May 2005.


Richard Fortey

Born in London in 1946, Richard Fortey's interest in nature started at a young age, from digging for fossils in Wales as a teenager to joining an expedition with Cambridge University to islands in the Arctic Ocean.

Now a senior palaeontologist at the Natural History Museum, Professor Richard Fortey has spent the last 30 years studying his favourite creatures, the trilobites - extinct marine animals from hundreds of millions of years ago.

Professor Fortey is author of several books and has been nominated for several awards, winning The Natural World Book of the Year in 1993 for his book The Hidden Landscape. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1997.

Some of Professor Fortey's previous books are listed below:

Life: An Unauthorised Biography

Fossils: The Key to the Past

Trilobite: Eyewitness to Evolution

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