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Elephant packs its trunk

09 November 2004

Elephant being moved out of the Natural History Museum

A stuffed giraffe and a baby elephant, each weighing as much as ten men (750-800 kg), were carefully bubble-wrapped, and moved out of the Natural History Museum.

Along with a stuffed kudu and a bongo (two species of African antelope), they were winched down from the first floor of the Museum's Central Hall and then lifted by crane over the front steps.

The animals are being moved in the first stage of reorganising the Museum in preparation for the next phase of the Museum's Darwin Centre.

Darwin Centre Phase Two is a new £65 million home for the Museum's Entomology and Botany departments
with public access behind the scenes.

Until Phase Two opens in 2008, scientists and insects will be relocated to various spaces within the Museum and the giraffe, baby elephant, kudu and bongo will move out to the Museum's storage facilities. In the meantime giraffes and elephants can still be viewed in the Museum's Mammals Gallery.

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