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Archived news articles



Freedom of Information - your right to know - 23/12/2004

The Freedom of Information (FIO) Act 2000 comes into full force on 1 January 2005.

New category in Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005 - 12/12/2004

Nature in black and white is the new category in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2005.


The biggest dinosaur discovered in Britain - 24/11/2004

Bones from the biggest dinosaur uncovered in the UK have been discovered on the Isle of Wight.

Jurassic ichthyosaur fossil excavation at Charmouth beach - 16/11/2004

An intriguing fossilised ichthyosaur has been excavated from the beach at Charmouth, near Lyme Regis.

Elephant packs its trunk - 09/11/2004

A stuffed giraffe and a baby elephant are moved out of the Natural History Museum.

Latest in the 'hobbit' debate, Nov 2004 - 07/11/2004

Little folk (Homo floresiensis) 'were just sick humans'!


Three-foot-tall 'human' discovered on the Indonesian island of Flores - 28/10/2004

Three-foot-tall human is discovered in Flores, Indonesia.

Head lice and early humans - 15/10/2004

Research on head lice suggests there was close contact between early human species.

New brand for the Museum - 12/10/2004

Museum's new brand identity uses the power and variety of nature to bring together the diverse elements of the Museum's activities.


Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2004 - 22/09/2004

Highly commended images for Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2004 are announced.

Human-like creature walked upright earlier than thought - 10/09/2004

CT scans of a thigh bone fossil of human-like creature moves bipedalism back 2 million years.


Museum welcomes smallest employees - 25/08/2004

Flesh-eating beetles are the newest members of staff at the Natural History Museum.

Olympic swimwear developed from shark skin - 16/08/2004

A new high-performance swimsuit mimics the skin of sharks.

Diplodocus - repairing the giant - 09/08/2004

Staff from the Museum repair damaged parts of the Diplodocus cast, which have become damaged and brittle with age.

Dino-bird has power of flight - 05/08/2004

Dino-bird Archaeopteryx gives clues to the origins of flight.


Frozen Ark project launches - 27/07/2004

The world's first DNA bank for endangered animals, Frozen Ark is launched.

Museum's Darwin Centre receives grant - 23/07/2004

The Natural History Museum has received £5 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund to build the Darwin Centre Phase Two.

Giant hippo fossils discovered in the UK - 02/07/2004

Fossilised remains of two ancient hippos have been discovered in Norfolk, UK.


New crop pest discovered in the UK - 18/06/2004

Visitor to the Museum's Insect Roadshow discovers new species of crop pest.

Eight foot missing fish arrives - 10/06/2004

An eight-foot sturgeon, recently at the centre of a dispute over legal rights, is handed over to the Museum.


Large Visitor Attraction of the Year Award - 26/04/2004

The Natural History Museum wins prize at the Excellence in England Awards 2004.