David Attenborough's Natural History Museum Alive

About the TV programme

Sky 3D

Sir David Attenborough brings his favourite extinct creatures back to life in this 90-minute TV feature.

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Written and presented by Sir David, the programme takes us on a magical journey through the Natural History Museum at night.

Using ground-breaking 3D and CGI technology and the latest scientific research, Sir David reveals how ancient animals once roamed the planet and filled the skies.

Who's behind the programme?

Meet the Natural History Museum experts who helped develop the programme.

  • Dr Adrian Lister
    Dr Adrian Lister

    Our ice age mammal expert researches sabre-tooth tigers, mammoths and their modern cousins the elephants.

  • Dr Julian Pender Hume
    Dr Julian Pender Hume

    Our extinct bird expert describes how the dodo and its cousins lived and paints accurate portraits of them too.

  • Dr Paul Barrett
    Dr Paul Barrett

    Our resident dinosaur detective can look at a skull and tell you everything about how a dinosaur ate, saw and smelled.

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Download the app and visit the Museum to find NHM Alive symbols and unlock exclusive videos.

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Visit the creatures here at the Museum

Meet some of the Museum specimens that come to life in the programme and find them in our galleries.