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V Factor

Want to work alongside Museum scientists to help us better understand the distribution and impact of Bryozoa, or moss animals, in Britain?

We are currently recruiting V Factor volunteers aged 18 and over who are available on Thursdays for 10 weeks between October 2014 and August 2015.

More about the V Factor 2014 British Bryozoa project PDF (251.2 KB)

Cocoon from below

Darwin Centre Cocoon

V Factor is your chance to support collection-based Museum projects, work with world-leading scientists, and transform yourself from visitor to proactive volunteer.

Volunteers will assist our bryozoologists in curating, digitising and cataloguing British bryozoan specimens.

Comparatively little is known about these native moss animals, with just over 350 species recorded in the British Isles.

Your work will help us generate a baseline for local species pools of bryozoans and contribute to the study of climate change and the spread of invasive species.

More about British Byrozoa

V Factor volunteers are based in the Specimen Preparation Area of the state-of-the-art Darwin Centre Cocoon.   

Apply to become a V Factor volunteer on our British Bryozoa project PDF (1.2 MB)

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Try some science at home

Take home our Biota in a Box to spot bryozoans on Scottish scallop shells and explore the impact of ocean acidification.

This is a free loan service with activities and experiments for groups of up to eight people. Boxes are available from the Darwin Centre and can be loaned for up to three weeks.

Biota in a Box