V Factor

From visitor to volunteer

V Factor

V Factor is your chance to work alongside Museum scientists and help work on our renowned specimen collections, taking you from visitor to proactive volunteer.

See our V Factor volunteers and scientists in action in the Darwin Centre's Specimen Preparation Area (SPA) on Thursdays.

We have now filled our V Factor vacancies for the year-long diatoms project. Visit us in the SPA to find out how our work is progressing.

V Factor supports Museum collection-based projects across our specialist science departments.

Cocoon from below

Darwin Centre Cocoon

The current project is to assist our botanists to database, search and link information from Thomas Combers' diatom collection of slides, bottles, notes and drawings.

As a V Factor volunteer you will be based in the Specimen Preparation Area of the state-of-the-art Darwin Centre Cocoon where the public can see you at work with scientists.  

With your help we can continue to improve access to the collections and improve standards in collections care and storage. You’ll benefit from a unique and fun learning experience and receive a certificate at the end of your 10-week placement.

See the V Factor volunteers and our scientists in action in the SPA

V Factor and diatom research

V Factor volunteers are helping to collate Thomas Combers' diatom collection, from slides and bottles to notes and drawings. This data will be used to create an all-in-one, online scientific resource for public study and research.

V Factor in action
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