The Executive Board

Professor Ian Owens, Director of Science

  • Responsible for the museum’s scientific activities, including both research and collections.
  • Sets our overall strategy for science, ensuring that our research is distinctive, relevant and of leading international quality, and that our collections operate as a major global resource.
  • Experience science strategy, sitting on numerous national and international panels, funding bodies, advisory groups, and editorial boards.
  • Researcher interests in large scale patterns in biodiversity, environmental change, and evolution in wild populations
  • Has trained more than 20 PhD students and published over 100 scientific papers, including a scientific monograph on Evolutionary Ecology of Birds.
  • Trained in zoology and evolutionary biology at Liverpool and Leicester Universities and has held a series of academic positions in the UK and abroad.
  • Holds Chair in Evolutionary Ecology at Imperial College London.
  • Former Head of the Department of Life Sciences at Imperial College and Deputy Director of the NERC Centre for Population Biology at Silwood Park.
Cartoon image of lab coats with T.rex name label

In 2003 nearly 12,000 scientists from over 60 countries came to work at the Museum.