The Executive Board

Professor Ian Owens, Director of Science

  • Responsible for the museum’s scientific activities, including both research and collections.
  • Sets our overall strategy for science, ensuring that our research is distinctive, relevant and of leading international quality, and that our collections operate as a major global resource.
  • Experience science strategy, sitting on numerous national and international panels, funding bodies, advisory groups, and editorial boards.
  • Researcher interests in large scale patterns in biodiversity, environmental change, and evolution in wild populations
  • Has trained more than 20 PhD students and published over 100 scientific papers, including a scientific monograph on Evolutionary Ecology of Birds.
  • Trained in zoology and evolutionary biology at Liverpool and Leicester Universities and has held a series of academic positions in the UK and abroad.
  • Holds Chair in Evolutionary Ecology at Imperial College London.
  • Former Head of the Department of Life Sciences at Imperial College and Deputy Director of the NERC Centre for Population Biology at Silwood Park.
Cartoon image of a snake disappearing through closing door

There are 27 km of specimen shelves in the Darwin Centre - the same distance as between the Museum and Junction 6 of the M1.