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Sir David Omand GCB

Sir David Omand GCB


  • Visiting Professor at the War Studies Department, King’s College, London and a regular speaker and writer on the ethical dimension of leadership, on counter-terrorism and on the use of scientific method in intelligence assessment
  • First UK Security and Intelligence Coordinator as Permanent Secretary in the Cabinet Office (2002-2005) and Government’s chief crisis manager for civil contingencies
  • Permanent Secretary of the Home Office (1997-2000) and of Government Communications Headquarters (1996-1997) and Deputy Under-Secretary for Policy at the Ministry of Defence
  • Principal Private Secretary to the Defence Secretary during the Falklands conflict
  • Spent three years in Brussels as Defence Counsellor, on loan to the Diplomatic Service
  • Non-executive director, Babcock International plc and Finmeccanica UK. Companion of the Chartered Management Institute
  • Member of the Royal Society’s committee on Scientific Aspects of International Security

Last updated: 29 April 2010

Cartoon image of a hatchet fish on a museum pass

In World War II the Museum was used as a secret base to develop new gadgets for allied spies, including an exploding rat!