The Natural History Museum Annual Report 2002|03
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Managing our assets / Utilizing our assets

Managing our assets
We are creating a more integrated, streamlined and customer-focused organization.

Museum staff are responsible for ensuring that we make the best possible use of our assets.

We are the custodians of one of London's best-loved buildings and we are fortunate enough to have an exceptional resource of highly skilled and talented people.

Following the senior management restructuring completed in early 2002, we are creating a more integrated, streamlined and customer-focused organization. Estates Management, Gallery Management, Visitor Commerce and Visitor Services teams have been brought together within the Visitor & Operational Services Group. The Communications & Development Group has also been reshaped, with a new management position created for Special Projects and Innovation and Head of Business and Commercial Strategy.

A wide-ranging leadership development programme was initiated in autumn 2002, to foster a stronger team-working culture and address key organizational issues. We are developing a project management methodology that can be applied consistently across the Museum, and we defined our corporate values. These will guide us towards the goals we have set for ourselves in the 2010 Vision - to build upon our understanding of the natural world, to communicate our knowledge to larger and broader audiences,and to strengthen our position as one of the UK's top visitor attractions.

The Human Resources Group is reviewing health and safety procedures, and in 2002 it acquired new database software to provide better information and improved service to staff and job applicants. The policy of free entry and the opening of Phase One of the Darwin Centre resulted in an increase in staff numbers from 863 to 970 (including part-time staff).

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