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2003 exhibitions and events

T. rex: The Killer Question
Was Tyrannosaurus rex the fearsome hunter of legend or did it use its power to claim the kills of other dinosaurs? An enormous life-size skeleton and model plus two huge T. rex animatronics are brought together for the first time to illustrate new evidence about the king of the dinosaurs.
1 August 2003 – 3 May 2004

Peter Randall Page: Sculpture and Drawings
Peter Randall-Page’s artworks are inspired by natural shapes. The Wildlife Garden provides a sympathetic setting for his powerful glacial granite and bronze sculptures, while a selection of the artist’s drawings and photographs are displayed in Galleries 39 and 50, and outside the Earth Lab.
1 April – 5 October 2003

CleanRooms: Art Meets Biotechnology
Biotechnology research is sometimes seen as secretive or sinister. The works in this contemporary art installation challenge such perceptions and ask visitors to decide for themselves how far scientists should take their new powers of genetic manipulation.
20 June – 3 August 2003

Plants and Potions
Contemporary wood engravings by the artist June Crisfield Chapman will be on display at the Walter Rothschild Zoological Museum in Tring in the autumn. Her works features plants found in Britain that that have medical associations.
8 October – 7 December 2003

Wildlife Photographer of the Year
The winning images from the 2003 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition go on display in October. Co-organised once again by the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine, the competition aims to find the best wildlife pictures taken by photographers worldwide.
18 October 2003 – 18 April 2004

Public Open Meeting
The annual Public Open Meeting takes place in September, giving members of the public an opportunity to ask questions about current issues affecting the Museum and future plans.
18 September 2003

Pfizer Annual Science Lecture
The Pfizer Annual Science Lecture is one of the UK's most important forums for stimulating scientific debate. The ninth lecture in the series will take place in November.
25 November 2003

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