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Sir Neil Chalmers at the launch of Predators in July 2001.

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The Director's View, page 2


The writer A A Gill pictured here with one of the Museum's beetle displays.  Zed Nelson/IPG
The writer A A Gill recently wrote about his experiences identifying a beetle in the Sunday Times Magazine. He is pictured here with one of the Museum's beetle displays, illustrating their extraordinary range of shape, colour and size.
We cannot fight shy of controversial subjects, such as the environmental health of our planet, when we have so much to contribute. The sciences that underpin our work – systematics, mineralogy and palaeontology – flourish in our Museum but in few other institutions in the United Kingdom: we want to galvanize the university sector and the Government to give these sciences the support and public recognition that they deserve.

All our work depends upon our magnificent collections, and our aim is to set new standards of care for them – standards that others will want to emulate. This requires that our buildings, especially the great Waterhouse building, are properly cared for and that the entire Darwin Centre project is completed.

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