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Phase One Completed

This was a year of intense activity for Phase One, with Museum teams working together to complete and occupy the building and prepare it for the public opening on 30 September 2002. Early in 2001, a team of 20 zoology curators and 10 volunteer `trolley pushers' took on the formidable task of relocating the 22 million specimens from the Spirit Building to their new home. Six months later, they had filled 25 kilometres of shelving with nearly half a million glass specimen jars, with the largest specimens rehoused in 51 large stainless steel tanks. Our zoology curators and researchers have now moved into the new building to work alongside the collections.

Meanwhile, our Visitor Services, Education and Development teams focused on the Darwin Centre's `public face', refining and testing the public tours, presentations, live video links and webcasting facilities.

In the first months of 2002 our Estates team successfully supervised the deconstruction of the 1930s Spirit Building – a delicate task because of its close proximity to the Phase One structure. Wherever possible, elements of the old building have been salvaged for re-use, such as wooden storage cupboards and shelves.

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