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Press advertising for the exhibition
Press advertising for the exhibition
Our special exhibition Predators
Our special exhibition Predators
18 July 2001 – 6 May 2002

Predators, our family exhibition which opened in July, caught the imagination of the public with its vivid portrayal of the struggle between hunter and hunted. In its first month, almost half of Museum visitors said they came specifically to see the exhibition (source: visitor questionnaire).

Predators featured large animatronic models of a great white shark, a venomous spider and an interactive chameleon, as well as real specimens such as a Harris's hawk swooping to kill. The central theme was the adaptations that predators and prey have evolved to stay alive, grouped around the three categories of senses, tools and weapons, and strategy. Many adults and children participated in the strong supporting programme of performances, workshops and talks. Predators is now on tour in Europe.

Predators was one of our most popular special exhibitions in recent years. Promotional activity, including car stickers, helped generate interest – our press advertising for the exhibition by Burkitt DDB was shortlisted for advertising industry awards.
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