Annual Review 2009/10

2009 and 2010 were very successful years for us and we are proud of what we achieved: record visitor numbers and website usage, an increase in scientific grant and consultancy income and the opening of the Darwin Centre to wide acclaim.

We intend to deliver continued improvement by focusing on value and excellence.

2009/10 Annual Review: Sharing our work (contents in PDF format)

Front cover PDF (361.4 KB)

Vision and contents PDF (95.1 KB)

Highlights PDF (168.2 KB)

A decade of achievements PDF (281.6 KB)

Science of nature PDF (126.1 KB)

Engaging with science PDF (132.3 KB)

Learning PDF (145.7 KB)

Managing our resources PDF (128.4 KB)

Thank you PDF (52.2 KB)

Back cover PDF (644.4 KB)

If you have problems accessing the PDFs, download the 2009/10 annual review Word document

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