Annual reviews

The blue whale in Hintze Hall

We have begun a bold reimagining of the Museum.

Our vision is to share our collections, scientific research and education activities around the world, physically and digitally.

Our collections are some of the most important of their kind in the world, and our research is addressing the great challenges that face our society.

Our 2016/17 highlights


The past year has been busy at the Museum. Highlights include:

  • digital technologies created new opportunities to inspire people with a love of nature
  • we collaborated with Google Arts & Culture to bring an ancient reptile, the Rhomaleosaurusback to life in virtual reality
  • we continued to work to improve the health of 1.5 billion people
  • our scientists are taking part in a trial to eliminate deadly parasitic worms in Benin, Malawi and India
  • 600 young people took part in Earthworm Watch and contributed to research on the role of earthworms in creating healthy soils
  • nature’s rich palette was celebrated as the Colour and Vision exhibition opened
  • researchers around the world were given access to 3.2 million biodiversity records, representing more than 47,000 species on the Museum's Data Portal
  • Dippy, our famous Diplodocus, left the Museum ahead of his UK tour
  • we underwent the biggest transformation in the Museum's 136 year history, with a blue whale skeleton now taking centre stage in Hintze Hall
  • planning permission was granted for an ambitious transformation connecting the Museum outdoor spaces

Our vision

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